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Sealskinz Waterproof Nordic Gloves

Blog-Seal Logo-v1A pair of Sealskinz Waterproof Nordic Gloves sounded ideal for nordic walking in mild, winter weather - see what you think from my review. 

The label describes them as,

"Waterproof, breathable membrane.  Thin, technical glove for nordic skiing and walking.  With neoprene knuckle protection."

Indeed, they kept my hands reasonably comfortable for day one of a two-day trek in the Brecon Beacons in January 2014.  They have been very comfortable for some short nordic walks since then.  (I cannot comment on their use in nordic skiing.)

As you would expect for thermal rating 3, these gloves protect against a chilly wind.  For minus temperatures I would suggest a higher thermal rating. 

They may be waterproof, but during day one of the Brecon trek, persistent, heavy rain managed to sneak inside both gloves, leaving me with extremely cold hands for the rest of the day.  It may have entered via the wrists rather than the stitching or material; unfortunately, it was difficult to find out in the pouring rain.  After a night in the YHA drying room they were still wet and so I used my spare pair of gloves for day two. 

The gloves' good fit and thin material ensured good enough dexterity to unzip my pocket and use a map and compass. 

The knuckle protection sounds like a good idea, but has not been required in my walks with these gloves, so far. 

Overall, these gloves do what they say on the package.  My one qualm is them not being quick-drying if you are unfortunate enough to get them wet inside.  At roughly £25, they appear to be reasonably priced gloves for chilly, not-too-wet nordic walks.


Thanks to Nightgear for supplying this pair of gloves for review.


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