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What can you see?

Nature gives us so much. If I asked what do you see in the this picture. What would you say? "A dead tree". "A woodland" or even "Nothing". Apart from the last answer you would be right.

But what do I see...... Well I see the head of a dog. Its long snout with its jaws open panting

after its run in the woods. Its eyes bulging with excitement as its seen a deer skip into the woods. Go for a walk into the woods and see what story nature is trying to tell you. Let your imagination go wild!

(Picture taken in the New Forest October 2010)

Bushcraft Courses

Berkshire & the Surrounding Areas

  • making fire
  • natural & man made shelters
  • safe knife use
  • wild food
  • tracking & stalking

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Nordic Walking

  • 1-2-1 sessions
  • Group sessions for families, groups of friends etc
  • Nordic Walking as part of a Bushcraft experience
  • Guided walks

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"I loved our trip to the woods & can we go again tomorrow?!"

Year One Pupil at NHEHS